We also cater for the investor market as well, we can build dual occupancies, granny flats, single houses, and am currently building a child care centre for a client.

One of my new ideas is this combined 3 bedroom / 2 Bathroom double story house with a granny flat attached and as you can see with the plans below it offers many options.

As a young couple you can live in the two bedroom flat and rent the front house, this would go a long way to pay the mortgage, then when the family grew you could move into the front house and rent the rear flat and eventually if you wanted to upgrade then move out and rent both, a whole of life investment.

This would be great for a family with elderly parents who could live in the flat so they are close but not living with the family directly.

For an investor this design will get two properties with rental returns on a standard block of land.

The property features off street parking for both Separate entrances away from each other and separate backyards with a small courtyard for the flat and a more conventional sized yard for the main.

Most granny flats are just placed in a backyard with poor access, no privacy for both the old and new dwellings, many have no off street parking and building a flat with poor access where people either walk or drive beside someone’s window does nothing for the quality of living for either of the families living there. This always bothered me because in the future, if a place to live in is well thought out, has parking and some privacy, then this will be the one that will be rented and stay rented while the rest won't.

Child Care Centre

We are currently building a 59 place, purpose built child care centre in Coffs Harbour and are familiar with the specialised requirements for compliance.

Our plan can be modified to suit different sized centres and local Council requirements depending on the location of the centre.

Floor Plans

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