I grew up at Forresters Beach, went to Erina Heights Primary School, Erina High school and then Gosford Tafe, started my carpentry apprenticeship in 1972 and did my Building foreman and Clerk of Works course. At this time we built hardwood frames, pitched hardwood roofs everything was hand cut and built on site, very much taught in the old school ways, they were not the good old days they were just the old days.

In 1981 I married Donna who grew up at Terrigal and with her banking and accounting skills this made a very strong combination for us to start Clive Kennedy Homes

As well as residential building I have worked in many other aspects of my trade and in different areas of Australia.

  • Rebuilding Darwin after Cylcone Tracy in 1976
  • First floor additions and renovations in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast
  • Restoration works at the Rocks on historic buildings
  • High rise residential and commercial buildings in Sydney
  • Building houses and renovations in the Kimberley’s WA
  • Knockdown rebuilds in Newcastle and the Central Coast
  • New homes, dual occupancies and multi units
  • Insurance works specialising in structual damage repairs from storms

I found out early on that I just like building things and have spent my last 46 years doing what I love.

For me building is not a business that you come in for a short time do whatever and get out, this is my life, and this relates to how I run CKH. I don’t have a salesman who gets a deposit, gets you to take a number, pick a box and then go away, I enjoy working with people from start to finish, giving them input into their home as well as sharing my expertise and knowledge to give them honest advice and build a home that suits them, suits the block and orientation and keeps to their budget.

I have the belief that every home we build could be that persons only new home that they may ever own. I build a small home with the same care as I build a large home. Too many builders believe that the smaller the home the cheaper materials should be used , for me this is not true, every home regardless is a home to be proud of.

 Clive Kennedy Homes would like  to announce that our son Jake Kennedy has now joined us and has commenced his apprenticeship as a carpenter with our firm.
Jake is now the third generation of carpenters/builders in the Kennedy line. I am very proud for him to carry on the tradition and my father would have been proud of him as well.